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Snake Eyes

Model: Sylvia | MUAH: Tina van Lent | Canon 5D mk II / EF 85mm F/1.8 USM | 1/125 - f/11.0 - iso 100

This model wanted to get her picture taken with a snake. Not the most commonly thing for me but I didn't decline the change.

It had some preparations. De snake in this matter, a white Python, is a snake that strangles it's prey and the safety of your model is offcourse the most important thing. She needs to be safe and comfortable. If she's uncomfortable it will show back in the photo. It was important to keep the owner of the snake around. He knows how the snakes behaves and knows what to doe when necessar.

You need a lot of time when working with snakes. It will not listen. First; it's a snak. Second; it has no ears. You have to wait patiently for the right position that suits your image. Then you just press the button.

The main light was a big octagonal softbox (Elinchrome 135cm). An extra light with a grid was added on the right side to give a small and bright beam on the models head. It gives a bit of extra light. The background was created with two flashes.

Mandy Vleeschhouwer Bijke Vesters Myrthe Wesselink Liv Tellier Sylvia Tina van Lent Eileen Vogel Lianne Ippel Fara Kanters Lisa Verhoeven

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