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Mandy Vleeschhouwer


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Model: Mandy Vleeschhouwer
MUAH: Tina van Lent
Canon 5D mk II / EF 135mm F/2.0 L USM
1/160 - f/11.0 - iso 100


Like many of my photo's; again "simplicity is key". A simple floor, a single light and then it's up to the model and her beautfull dress.

The dress was a rental, it costed less than 30 euro's. (Mail me for info if you like to know). But it is the drawer of attention in the photo. It gives the model almost an ol royall look. A feeling of luxury.

The naked shoulder en the pearl neckless on the ground make a story in the image.
Why is the neckless there? Why is the dress partially off her shoulder.
Sometimes there needs something to wonder about....

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