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Liv Tellier


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Model: Liv Tellier
MUAH: Tina van Lent
Canon 5D mk II - EF 135mm F/2.0 L USM
1/125 - f/10.0 - iso 100


A single flash with a big softbox (135cm octagonal) on the left side was enough to create a soft light on the model. To give a little bit of fill on the other side, I put up a large reflecting screen.

The warm light, in combination with the brown background, give a warm tone in the photo.

The pose of the model is a bit with a distant. Created by looking away from the camera and a bit to the bottom. Still it stays very open. Mostly by the bair skin of her shoulder created by the lower dress.

It's about the mood in the photo. Directing your model is important. To create this photo you have to keep looking for the small details. A hand near her face, the hair on the other shoulder, see how the light reaches through the hole on her naked shoulder or the sleeve of the blouse on the other arm. It's the small details that you have to see as a photographer.

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