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Taking photos of models is one of the biggest forms of photography. You'll see it in all kinds of places; fashion, advertising and of course; the hobby of the amateur. The passion of photography is often exposed with a photo of a model.

Shooting a model nude goes a bit further. In this article I will explain a few things to help you get on your way in the beautiful world of nudephotography.


The Law
Finding a model
Treating your model
Implied nude
Full nude

The law

First, I'm from Holland. I can not tell you how the law in your country is. What you read below is subject to Dutch law.

In Holland you can't photograph everybody nude. We have rules for that. Almost everything in this country has rules and taking photos or posing as a model is no exception. It's called Auteurswet en Portretrecht (Copyright and right to portrait). For nudephotography also criminal law can be involved.

According to the law, you can decide for yourself when you reach the age of 18. You can doe whatever you want from then on.
Until you are 18 you need permission from your parents, including posing for a photographer.

Posing nude is something else according to law. According to Dutch law is posing nude a part of Dutch criminal law and those laws consider nude modeling a form of sexual activity. According to the law you have the right to be sexual active with people over 18 when you reach the age of 16 years. So in fact you are allowed to pose nude for a 30-year old photographer when you are 16 or 17. Their are some strings attached to it. For instance, taking photos isn't a problem but for publishing you need permission from a parent. And even then it can be seen as a form of childs porn.

My advice; don't take nudephotos of minors. People are very protective in this era, especially when it concern their kids. And they are in their right! There are enough people who are not interested in photos but have other meanings. Of course, you don't. But if somebody is calling you something else you could have a problem.

Example nudephoto

Save yourself the troubles and take photos of model that are 18 or up.

To find a model

It all starts with a model in front of your camera
With nudephotography it's a bit different than approaching a friend who's close by. Posing nude is something else then posing with your clothes on. Not everybody wants to pose in nude and there are many good reasons for it. It could involve work, family or just the feeling that a model doesn't need it. The naked body is something personal and everybody treats it different.
So it can be harder to find a model who wants to pose nude and a model that poses nude doesn't mean he or she will do it for every photographer.

When you are looking for a nudemodel, be clear about it. From the beginning. It's a waste of everybody's time if you start talking about nudephotos when your standing in the studio.

How do you act when your looking for a nudemodel.

Start with a concept. Before you approach people, think about what you want to do. Just approach somebody and ask if they want to pose nude will probably get you little to no response. When you have a solid idea it will have a higher success rate. So think about it. Look for examples. Write everything down for yourself.
But of course, you'll do that for a normal shoot too.

When you've got your idea you have to start looking for a model. What kind of model are you looking for? It can be a woman with long blond hair but also a man with short hair.

Most models will be female models. But you can also shoot nudes from male models. A muscular torso or well shaped leg can deliver a powerful image. Something completely different than the tenderness of the female body.

When everything is quite clear for you, it's time to start looking. You can place an add on Social Media. Enough groups where photographers and models meet.
Besides that, you can place an add on a website. Think about a site like You can also approach a model straight by her own website for example.

Posing nude in front of camera is something else than with clothes on. And photographing a nude is also something different. You'll have to prove yourself.

As I said earlier, it's more difficult to find a nudemodel then a normal model. It's not only the offer of models but they will also be more picky. You will have to show that you can put up with their standards. For starters, you should have a descent portfolio where you show you're able to take photos in general. Nobody is waiting for a photographer that cannot shoot.

When it's the first time you will shoot a nudemodel, it's of course difficult to put something in your portfolio. It might be the most difficult phase to find a model; after all you're not able to show anything.
If that happens; don't be afraid to pay a model. Most of the time paid models have lots of experience and most of the time also with posing nude. With an experienced model you have a much bigger change for hgood results when you're not so experienced yourself.
Besides that, you'll find out that there are models that won't pose nude on a tfp-base. It's a matter of offer and request. The demand for nudemodels is bigger than the amount that's willing to model nude.

Treating your model

When you have find a model, the day will come where you get together. Of course you treat her the same as a model who poses for you with clothes on. You introduce yourself and you'll have a cup of coffee to have a little chat. A lot of things to make a model comfortable before the shoot also applies for a nudephotography shoot compared to a normal shoot. But I assume this is logical for you.

Nudephotography takes it up a notch compared to normal photography. It's a bit more for the model when it concerns intimacy. A model has to show a lot of herself, even with clothes on. With posing nude there is of course nothing to hide anymore.

You don't get undressed everyday in front of a stranger. And you as a photographer are a stranger. It's not for every model, there are models who walk around freely. But don't assume. I think most of the models will be a bit awkward when they have to undress. Give them space and a private room to do so.

Act serious as a photographer. Your contact with the model is probably more important than when it concerns a normal shoot. You have to keep on coaching to steer your model. It's not easy and you'll got to get some experience in it. But it's important to tell the model that she is doing good and make her comfortable.

One thing that can be a major help; a make-up artist. A make-up artist has of course a benefit for the shoot in general. But she (most are woman) might also be able to assist during the shoot. To put annoying hairs in place for example. As a photographer you probably won't spot everything and the make-up artist can help. And for her (if you have a female make-up artist) it's probably easier to come near the model. They have a bit of a connection because the make-up artist helped a lot with the preparation of the shoot. A model will probably let a make-up artist get closer when it concerns personal space.

Don't invade the personal space of the model. I personally like to hang around in a bar but I don't like it when a stranger comes leaning up to me. I get annoid.
It won't be much different for a model in the studio. Especially when it concerns a nude shoot. Last thing your model is waiting for is for you to put an arm in a better position. When you model is uncomfortable because your too close, or whatever reason, it will show in the photos.

Go for the extra mile during a nude photoshoot to keep your model in his/her comfortzone. Get some nice music, a warm studio, whatever, If the model is comfortable the posing will be easier and it will show in your results.

Small tip; ask for the model to take a robe. When you're not shooting or you have to adjust your lights, she can put it on. It's a bit easier for your model.

An example of implied nude

Implied nude

It's a form of nudephotography where breasts are (partially) covered and the pubic area to.
It's not that different to watch than a model in lingerie or beachwear.

For the model posing for implied nudes is not the same as posing in bikini. It's still the feeling your standing there naked even if you won't show anything.

Implied nudes can sometimes be more interesting than full nude. It leaves something suggestive

How you cover up the nudity of your model can differ. You can use arms or legs for one. But also cloths, as in the example, or normal clothes. Be creative and find something beautiful. Make sure it does keep looking natural and not fumbly. But that's something that's also a matter of experience for model as well as photographer.

An example of a nude-photo

Full nude

A bit further than implied nudes; full nudes. You can go as far as your model and you want to go. You can, as shown in the example, show a subtle breast and niple but you can also take photos of the model full frontal and completely nude. It's up to you and of course you talked about it in advance.

There are lots of styles to photograph nudes. My own style is based on 17-the century dutch paintings. But other styles are glamour (like playboy) or pin-up, inspired by posters from the '40's and '50's. Just as with clothed models; you are only limited by your own imagination.

Talk in advance what you want to do when it concerns full nudes. Personally I'm not a fan of showing the pubic area. It crosses a line for me. But you can do it if you want. And even then you can choose which way you want to do it. Be specific as a photographer what you do want and what you don't want to do. Ask the same to your model. Before you start shooting of course. Think about that piece of comport for your model; your model has to be at ease.

Example of a scape


It's a bit of an outsider; scapes. When you are photographing scapes you take the human body as a subject and it probably won't show the head of the model that much. It's about shapes and light.

Making good scapes takes time and pratice. It's a skill that doesn't come easy. You really need to know how lights work and which angles will work and which don't.
Often scapes are a game between dark and light. Shades caused by light from aside can accent beautiful shapes of the human body.

Make sure your studio is dark and use the modellinglight from your flash. That way you can see what changes. Think about it that a small twist of your model can change your lightnig completely.


To wrap up with something about publications. When your done with the photos and all the editing you probably want to share it with the entire world.

You told your model what you want to do with the photos in advance. Do you want to use them only for your personal website or do you also want to put them on Facebook? If you do, will you tag the model or not? Things you have to talk about before you start photographing. You can't alson not put them everywhere on the internet. Facebook for instance is a site where a nipple or pubic area is not allowed. you have to censor your photos before posting them.

So, don't just talk about what kind of nudes your going to create with your model; als talk about what happens to the photos when they are ready.

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