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Just Marly

Just Marly

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Model: Just Marly
MUAH: Kimberly Voorthuijzen
Canon 5D mk II / EF 50mm F/1.8
1/200 - f/9.0 - iso 100


A nice lady, nice dress, nice light and bubbles. What can go wrong? The garden house makes it all even more sweet than it allready was.

In this photo the light came from the left side. An Elinchrome Quadra with a single reflector created pretty harsh light. But not putting the light straight on the model made it a bit softer. Choosing a shutterspeed that was relativily high killed the daylight and made the flash dominant.

Working with bubles is a bit folling around. It's about the timing and you have to be patient with your model. A buble floating in front of her face isn't the nicest view. For the bubles we used, guess..... a bublemachine.

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