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Daantje Rison


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Model: Daantje Rison
Canon 5D mk II / EF 50mm F/1.8
1/160 - f/9.0 - iso 50


Shooting on location has always a small disadvantage; the right location. But for this shoot with an Harley-Davidson this model knews exactly what the right place was; a car-junkyard in her hometown. She just went there and asked. They where fine with it and we got all the help we needed. Unfortunately we had the wind playing up and pretty soon the flash felt to the ground. But we managed to get out several photos before it happened.

The light in this photo was created with a flash on the left side. A big reflector on an Elinchrome Quadre made a pretty narrow and directed beam but still a nice roudn reflection. Though the bike had a matte finish I knew their would be reflections and a round reflection most of the times works better than a sqaure one.

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