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People in the rain during the fair in Tilburg

Fair in Tilburg

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Fiar in Tilburg


Nikon D3 / AF-S 17-35 IF-ED @19mm
1/40 - f/4.0 - iso 800
Courtesy photo: Beeld Werkt


It was the last day of the fair in Tilburg, one of the biggest in Europe. It started raining and it rained hard. I several minutes the streets got flooded with the water. Visitors ran for shelter, few people where prepared for the weather.

I'm not somebody who goes to crowded events in his spare time but two friends who wanted to go. I deceided to take a camera with me, maybey I could make a nice photo. I couldn't. Until it started raining. As it started to rain harder and harder it got more interesting to take photos. I got pretty wet myself, more soaked than wet. But he, it was for the photos.

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