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ZZ Top during the Bospop-festival in Weert

ZZ Top - Bospop

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Canon 5D mk II / EF 70-200 L IS USM @110mm
1/250 - f/4.0 - iso 800


Three man and they all got a beard; ZZ-top during the Bospop-festival in Weert. The two guitarists, Billy Gibbons en Dusty Hill, they have the actual beards and the drummer has the name; Frank Beard.

You will never hear what happens on a photo, when photographing concerts it has to be the image that is providing you with the mood of the music. Your position is one of the most important thigs. You don't want to show the boring sides of the podium, you look for the nice lights to make a nice photo. And you have to wait until the artists do something interesting.

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