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Every now and then I get a mail where I'm asked if I give workshops about sports-photography or Photoshop.

To solve everything once; I don't give workshops

Most of the people that want to follow a workshop do have to work during the week or go to school. There is nothing wrong with that. But for me it's different. I take photos of news and it hapens 24 hours a day. It doesn't mean I'm up for 7 days a week, I do have occasionally weekends off.

Once every 4 weeks I have a free saturday and sunday and besides that anothert saturday.
As you can see on the website I do take photos of models for fun. But it consumes a lot of preparation and planning and that's why my weekends are filled with doing things for myself.

I simply don't have time to organize workshops. Sometime I do get the question if one-on-one-guidance is possible; no it's not. Because of the same reason.

It's the way it is. But I hope I can teach you some things through this website. If you don't understand something, just send me an email with your question. Allthough the respons not allways will be within 24 hours; I will react to each mail personaly.

Jeroen de Jong
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