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About Jeroen de Jong

I was born and raised in 1978 in Waalwijk, in the south of a small country The Netherlands.

As a young boy I visited airshows, together with my dad. He took the photos I just only watched. But it was there where my interest in photography started to grow. It took until 2005 when I first bought my own camera.

In the beginning I only took photos at airshows and racing-events. But after doing that for a certain time I found out it was fun to take photos and there must be more than only planes and cars.

It was the start of a long search what type of phototgraphy I liked the most. It ended up in sports-photography. In the beginning I tried all kinds of sport and in the end I ended up with football (sometimes called soccer). It's not only the most popular sport in The Netherlands, but it's also a sport that contains everything I find important in sportsphotography. Think about emotion, action and tension. Things that I think are important. I think you have to make a photo that gives the viewer a cetrain feeling. The feeling he missed the game but he can still be there thru the photos.

In 2010 I became a professional photographer. On one hand I started as a photographer at a research-facility. On the other hand I kept on shooting as a freelancer at football-matches. But getting around as a freelancer got harder and harder. It consumed a lot of time and the earnings weren't high enough. I quit my freelance-activitys and the gap in time that opened up I deceided to fill it with shooting models. Not on a commercial base but pure for fun.

In 2012 I ended up as a staff-photographer at Persbureau Van Eijndhoven (A Dutch agency in my region). I work mostly for newspapers like the Brabants Dagblad and the Telegraaf. Journalism is very interesting and very different. Except news in the streets again attention for sportsphotography but lukely more than football.

My website does not concern photos alone. I think it's important to help other people taking better photos. Photography is a great medium to tell what you experience and the introduction of digital photography made it possible for everybody. To help people I wrote a serie of extended articles. And I'm not even done. Articles about photographing footbal yourself or a simplified explanation of the basics of photography.

Jeroen de Jong
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